Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture
OKELI Vision:

Make OKELI lights covering the world.

OKELI Mission:

Light up your home with OKELI modern LED lights to enhance every family’s happiness and enrich everyone’s life!

OKELI goal:

In the next 10 years, more than 100 OKELI brand distributors will be developed in most regions of major countries around the world.

OKELI Characteristics:

1.Simplicity 2.Innovation 3.Technology 4.Energy-saving 5.Affordable

Business School

LEO attaches great importance to the company's learning, and insists on advocating learning.In 2015,Neword International Academy was set up to train mass talents for our company.

NEWORB Group established Neword International Academy to improve the professionalism of employees.We wants to cultivate replicable talents, to create professional, capable talents with systematic foreign trade knowledge. Not only to improve the strength of the company, but also to provide talents for China.

The Neword International Academy was established with the goal: cultivate talents for the creation of "Centennial LEO".

1.Promote employees' understanding of LEO’s culture and goals, establish common values, improve employees' professionalism and professional standards, and meet or exceed job requirements.

2.Standardize and promote the continuity of the company's training work, and encourage employees to improve their quality, skills, and team performance through training and learning.To meet the needs of employees' career planning and corporate development.

Over these years, our Neword International Academy has achieved remarkable results and cultivated countless talents. We will keep on learning.

Business School