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Embrace Intelligent Illumination - OKELI Lighting's Smart LED Downlights for Engineering Projects

Welcome to OKELI Lighting, where innovation meets efficiency in our range of smart led downlights. Our cutting-edge downlights feature intelligent dimming options, including DALI system intelligent dimming, controllable silicon-controlled dimming, and 0-10V dimming. Designed for engineering projects and commercial spaces, our smart led downlights offer unmatched lighting control and energy-saving capabilities.
DALI System

DALI System IntelligentDimming

Experience precise lighting control with our DALI system enabled smart led downlights. Ideal for engineering projects, our DALI-compatible smart downlights integrate seamlessly with building management systems, allowing for centralized dimming control for improved energy efficiency and lighting management.

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Controllable Silicon-Controlled Dimming

Our smart led downlights are equipped with controllable silicon-controlled dimming technology, providing smooth and flicker-free dimming options. Easily adjust the light intensity to suit various engineering needs, creating the perfect illumination for workspaces, laboratories, and other project areas.


0-10V Dimming

OKELI Lighting’s smart led downlights also support 0-10V dimming, providing additional flexibility in lighting control. Whether you need subtle ambient lighting or bright task lighting, our smart downlights can be easily adjusted to meet the specific requirements of your engineering projects.

DALI System

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