Neworb 18th anniversary and new mansion


Okeli lighting Neworb 18th anniversary and new mansion

Neworb 18th anniversary and new mansion


In March 2018, OKELI Lighting held a celebration and housewarming event with the theme of “Neworb 18th Anniversary,Shine around the World”. Celebrate Neworb’s 18th year and embark on a new journey.OKELI is our high-end commercial lighting brand and Neworb is group.

On this special day, which is the 18th anniversary celebration of OKELI Lighting, we have invited partners from all over the world to witness this important moment together.


In the past 18 years, OKELI Lighting has witnessed a step-by-step process of development and change in the lighting market.

The leaders of the company and the employees of the company are amazing. We have shown their strength in the lighting industry with the best quality service and the most practical labor. Warmest congratulations on the remarkable achievements made over the years!The 18th anniversary celebration is a milestone of the journey.


Okeli lighting Neworb 18th anniversary and new mansion


OKELI Lighting adhere to the customer-centric, striver-oriented, honesty, and professionalism.At the same time, keep learning, keep innovating, work with passion, and live happily.We have a great influence in the lighting market. In the years of cooperation, the company’s employees have left a deep impression on us with their customer-centric and conscientious work attitude.


Taking responsibility as the root and honesty as the value criterion, we can start from the interests of the households in a down-to-earth manner, think what customers think, and worry about what customers need!Provide the most considerate service for our customers; thank the company for getting along well with all cooperative units.


Neworb 18th,New Journey.

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