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The goal of our company, OKELI LIGHTING, is to provide our devoted clients with affordable access to energy-efficient, high-quality, and artistically designed indoor and outdoor lighting, including wall pack led lights. We feel that OKELI’s creative wall pack led lights can improve everyone’s quality of life and make every family happier.


wall pack led lights


What is wall pack led lights?

Wall pack led lights are outdoor lighting devices that mount flush on external walls and illuminate building elements consistently. They also improve pedestrian visibility and serve to prevent crime. Some wall pack lights contain photocells or motion sensors that activate the lights when it’s dark outside or when there is movement.


What are the benefits of using our wall pack led lights?

Our company, Okeli Lighting, aspires to produce wall pack led lights that are accessible to all clients and affordable in terms of price while still being simple, innovative, and energy-efficient. Regarding power usage and luminance, our commercial and outdoor lighting offers excellent benefits

  • To lessen light pollution and mitigate glare, OKELI’s wall pack led lights to feature Anti-glare fixtures that exclusively send light downward.
  • Compared to wall pack lights, our wall pack led lights are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan.
  • In addition to illuminating your home, our wall pack led lights give it a modern and attractive appearance thanks to their decorative features.
  • We give our customers the option of tailoring the wall pack led lights to their own aesthetic preferences.
  • Additionally, we offer warranties on all available products, including our wall pack led lights, and we also offer our devoted clients 24/7 customer support since we think that our customers come first.
  • They save you money on electricity costs, are relatively simple to install, and may be used effectively for a long time.


wall pack led lights


A list of the wall pack led lights offered by the Okeli lighting brand is presented below-

  1. Checkered IP65 Wall Light-It enhances outdoor applications by generating a cozy atmosphere thanks to its distinctive appearance. This light fixture’s construction takes on a geometric look thanks to clever angles and design. This wall-mounted LED light utilizes 20 watts of power and is composed of aluminum. It can stand corrosion hence it is commonly used in outdoor settings like- gardens, courtyards, etc.
  2. Arc IP65 wall light- The OKELI outdoor wall light, IP65 has good impact resistance, anti-fading, and anti-corrosion properties. The aluminum shell, which is strong and efficiently dissipates heat, is equipped with a CREE chip and an EAGLCRISE driver to improve any outdoor lighting experience.
  3. Luminous inside Wall light- Our luminous inside wall light has a very aesthetic look to it that always attracts people and it is very easy to install. This wall pack led light also has anti-fading and anti-corrosion properties. It is very suitable for the home exterior walls, outdoor gardens, plazas and public lighting.
  4. Round simple IP65 Wall light- The outdoor wall light, IP54, efficiently thwarts solid and liquid infiltration and has good impact resistance, anti-fading, and anti-corrosion properties. It is ideal for applications involving outside home walls, outdoor gardens, plazas, and public illumination.

Some new available models of wall pack led lights are– High lumen IP65 Wall Light, Square IP65 Wall Light.



wall pack led lights 


What is the rationale behind installing wall pack LED lights?

Wall pack LED lights rapidly achieve their maximum brightness and emit a strong, clear light. They make use of LED bulbs, which are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than other lamp types like-compact fluorescent. Additionally, the wall pack led lights don’t generate much heat and can resist humidity and temperature variations. Apartment buildings, condos, small commercial complexes, hospitals, and corporate offices frequently choose them for basic or decorative lighting.



Okeli Lighting has successfully established itself as a well-known household brand name over the course of the past 20 years by focusing solely on becoming the greatest supplier of outdoor and commercial lighting in the world. We insist on offering our devoted customer’s wall pack led lights of the highest caliber at the most reasonable rates. We pledge to consistently meet your lighting demands and uphold the quality of our products.

So, remember to email: sale7@okelilamp.com or visit our website and browse through our extensive and reasonably priced selection of contemporary wall pack led lights options the next time you need a lighting fix for your home, business, outdoor garden or apartment complex. Remember, Okeli lighting is always here to light up your world!







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