Light up the world: Waterproof IP65 Led Spot Light


Superior design combined with easy-to-install practicality and waterproof IP65 design make this spot light series ideal for all project requirements and applications.


Waterproof IP65 Led Spot Light


This Waterproof IP65 Led Spot Light, PC face ring is cost-effective, color separation, technical lighting and decorative at the same time, and it is known for its low glare rating and high color rendering index.The light cup can be customized color to meet you needs.


The material of this product is aluminum, the radiator combines the ultra-thin design style of the whole lamp, and the efficient heat dissipation increases the air convection streamline to extends product life.


Waterproof IP65 Led Spot Light


The light source of the Waterproof IP65 Led Spot Light is relatively concentrated, which can be used to set off the design focus of the place. Under its contrast, the shapes and decorative paintings on the background wall make the lighting effect of the space clear and dark, and the sense of hierarchy is rich, which will make the design highlight get better highlighting. At the same time, it is very energy-saving: LED lamps of the same power consume only 10% of the electricity of incandescent lamps, which is even more energy-efficient than fluorescent lamps. Long life: LED lamp beads can work for 50,000 hours, which is longer than fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps


The Waterproof IP65 Led Spot Light is a good choice for you.

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