Our Brand

The founder of OKELI lighting, Mr. Leo Wang started his adventure of export and shipping business in Guzhen, Zhongshan G D, the biggest lighting market in China. However, he found one bad phenomenon that various small stores compete viciously on prices, reducing the quality and even shipping unqualified goods which is simple waste and damaging to the environment. And they copy designs from each other, which leads to stagnation in innovation.

Leo knows the situation is damaging the lighting industry, he wants to change the market situation therefore he decided to make good quality products, and bring original and creative designs by cooperating with Italian design institutions. So in 2009, Leo established the OKELI brand focusing on LED smart lights.

He was aware of the new light sources LED is more energy-saving, moreover, it gives much more possibilities to create a new design. So he worked with the designers to design elegant lights with LED, and the first 3seires they designed were sold very well to the European market, compared with the products made in Europe, OKELI products were very economic. So Leo is more clear and strong to keep his philosophy of making qualified and energy-saving products with reasonable cost to decorate every house. Slowly, it becomes the OKELI teams' mission: Committed to enhancing the happiness of every family through LED smart lighting.